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10 things my dog taught me – Life lessons from my Best Friend — 4 Comments

  1. You have said it all. From all the points you mentioned, the one which I can relate to the most, is that they accept things they can’t change. If everyone would settle down and learn this very seemingly insignificant lesson from dgs, I think the world would be a better place.

    Dogs live the most carefree and simple lives and we all have a thing or two to learn from them.


    • Hi Samson – thanks for reading. Yes, on the face of it, dogs do have a carefree life although owners often complicate it for them 🙂

      I’ve seen this acceptance in all my dogs. Typically, when they’re poorly they don’t try to do the things they know they can’t. They don’t complain.

      Dogs also go with the flow. When we took Murphy and friend on holiday to France it involved two days drive by car. They could have complainted but they slep or looked out the window. Chilkled dogs! But they did let off some steam when we arrived 🙂


  2. A very interesting post, lots of lessons  we learn from our furry best friends! My own personal Lessons:

    Try not to allow anger overcome you – I have seen dogs that were mistreated by owners but still wag their tails whenever they see them. Dogs don’t hold grudges.

    Bad mood/sadness is  contagious – When you are sad, your dog can sense it and it too becomes uneasy.

    Be grateful always, for anything, even for bad times because they too teach you valuable life lessons.

    Thank you for sharing these lessons.

    • Thank you, Jane.

      Yes, I have seen this, too, particularly in rescue centres – dogs who have been mistreated but are still eagre to please. Although I have also met a couple of dogs who were mistreated by men and their owners said they were fine with women but wary of men. So perhaps some do have a memory of their treatment.

      It’s so sad. I don’t understand people who mistreat animals.

      I have also seen dogs pick up on your mood – well, my mood! 🙂 Monty was the most sensitive but we had a very close relationship.

      Thanks for sharing your ‘lessons’,

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