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I love dogs, me!

Hello and welcome to my site – Tech For Dogs.

I’ve had four dogs – a Golden Lab called Henry, two Bernese Mountain Dogs called Wesley and Monty, and a Rottidoberdor called Murphy who I’ll get to in a minute.

If you’re reading this you’re probably a dog-lover, too, although maybe you’re just looking for a present for a doggy friend or wondering what sort of person produces a site like this! Well, that would be me.

Me And Dogs

Some people are dog people and some people are cat people – I love cats, too, and had a cat when I was younger but, yes, if I had to choose one or the other it would be dogs. Sorry cat people.

Monty My Bernese Mountain DogI’m not sure how you get to be a dog person. Perhaps it’s because dogs are more ‘companionable’ than cats. You can do stuff with dogs, play with them, they listen to you – some of the time – and, well, for me, form a bond with them. Oh, and they’re cute. Most of them. I love their ears. And who can resist their big brown eyes?

I’ve loved all my dogs and any dog person will know what I mean when I say they are part of the family. Life somehow starts to revolve around their walks and feeding times but you don’t notice and it soon become the norm.

They are a constant source of affection, delight, amusement and friendship and all my dogs, at various times, have been ‘my best friend’.

Me And Tech

I’ve been interested in computers and technology ever since I can remember, even before there were such things as personal computers. I loved science fiction and couldn’t wait for the present to catch up with the future.

I had a very early plastic toy computer – yes, this was back in the dark ages. You pushed plastic plugs onto arms then manipulated levers and it would count in the binary system. It was fascinating.

I also built a simple computer that could do calculations in binary using multi pole rotary switches. I found the plans in an electronics magazine. Also great fun but, of course, of limited practical use, although I did learn binary.

Sinclair ZX81 With 16K RAM Pack!My first real computer was the Sinclair ZX81.which cost £69.95. Although I dabbled in electronics, I didn’t trust myself to build one from scratch even though the kit of parts was £20 cheaper. At the time, the average weekly wage was somewhere over £100.

Next came the BBC Micro which lead me to write my first book (the intensely curious can still find “Making Music on the BBC Computer” on Google although now long out of print). More advanced computers followed as they were developed, and more books.

That’s enough about that!

Me And Dogs And Tech

When I had my dogs, the most sophisticated piece of equipment I had was a retractable lead – still highly recommended – which enabled them to wander around without getting lost or me losing control over them altogether.

When mobile phones started to become popular, me and my wife got the ubiquitous Nokia 3310 simply so we could stay in touch with each other when either one of us was out. We did joke that if we could teach Murphy to answer the phone we could let him know we were on our way home.

The thought never got any further than that but now with the advent of wireless, GPS, Bluetooth, video and all sorts of other technology, companies have been developing hi tech gear for pets. It’s amazing, exciting and wonderful!

Dogs And Tech

But with great technology comes great… confusion (not quite a quote from Spiderman). So the aim of Tech For Dogs is to look at the various pet tech items that are available, see what they do, how they work, and suggest which ones might be useful for you and your doggy pal.

Murphy And Me

Murphy DogYou might be wondering what sort of dog a Rottidoberdor is. It’s a Murphy Dog!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are absolutely amazing but they don’t usually have a long life. I only had Wesley for five years. My last one, Monty, had a grandfather who was 13 so I had high hope with him but lost him aged seven. Which was good for a Bernese.

Anyway, you know that they say mongrels are tougher dogs than pedigrees, so I decided to go to the Dog & Cat Shelter and there I found Murphy who had been abandoned. I can only imagine the owners tried to breed a vicious dog – and failed.

No one is sure of his heritage but he looked like a cross between a Rottweiler and a Doberman. Sounds horrendous – well, perhaps to non-doggy people. He had the same colouring as those two but not the stocky body or head of a Rotti nor the long legs or nose of the Doberman. He looked liked a cross between the two. We thought there might have been a bit of Lab in him, too, so threw that in on the end – a Rottidoberdor!

I hope you enjoy the site and find lots of useful and interesting gear to improve life and make it more interesting and fun for you and your dog.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Founder of techfordogs.com

2 comments on “About Me

  1. I live alone and it might be nice to have a companion around. I am into tech things and gadgets. I had one of the first computers that came out on the market, the Commodore 64 that you hooked up to your TV. You had to program into it what you wanted it to do. Anyway, if at sometime in the future I get a dog I will make sure I read your articles about best dog names and bed chewing!


    • Hi Jeff – thanks for taking a look.

      I had a Commodore 64, too. Nice graphics! The only early(ish) computer I didn’t get was a Spectrum. I was tempted but held out for the BBC Micro.

      Dogs are great companions, especially if you live alone. I was on my own with Murphy for a while. They keep you going and cheer you up and even help you socialise with other people when you’re out on a walk. Spend a lot of time with them in the early days and you shouldn’t have to read the bed-chewing article 🙂 But it’s there if you do.

      Good luck,

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