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  1. I live alone and it might be nice to have a companion around. I am into tech things and gadgets. I had one of the first computers that came out on the market, the Commodore 64 that you hooked up to your TV. You had to program into it what you wanted it to do. Anyway, if at sometime in the future I get a dog I will make sure I read your articles about best dog names and bed chewing!


    • Hi Jeff – thanks for taking a look.

      I had a Commodore 64, too. Nice graphics! The only early(ish) computer I didn’t get was a Spectrum. I was tempted but held out for the BBC Micro.

      Dogs are great companions, especially if you live alone. I was on my own with Murphy for a while. They keep you going and cheer you up and even help you socialise with other people when you’re out on a walk. Spend a lot of time with them in the early days and you shouldn’t have to read the bed-chewing article 🙂 But it’s there if you do.

      Good luck,

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