Best chew proof dog beds 2018 – Beds your dog won’t destroy!

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Is there such a thing as an indestructible dog bed?

Yes! There are chew proof dog beds, chew resistant dog beds, and so-called indestructible dog beds.

If you’re reading this, your dog has probably destroyed or chewed more than one bed. To learn more about this destructive habit and how it may be possible to remedy it, read How to stop a dog from chewing his bed. An indestructible bed is by no means the last resort but it might help while you train your not to chew their bed.

An indestructible dog bed? Really?

I say ‘so-called’ because – and this is something you need to fully take on board – there is virtually nothing that a dog cannot chew if it really wants to!

Does your dog do this!?

Yes, a dog will have a tough time – sorry! 🙂 – chewing steel and the like, but if you want a fabric or material or something that is reasonably soft to lie on, then a determined dog, given time, will find a way to chew at it or dig through it.

So no dog bed is absolutely indestructible.

Having said that, some manufacturers produce guaranteed chew proof dog beds so that must give you confidence that their products are pretty tough!

The competition is small but tough!

Murphy's favourite bed - also happens to be mine!In the production of this article I looked at dozens of dog beds all with various claims of toughness. Many are labelled chew resistant which is not same as chew proof.

If your dog is Duke or Daisy the Bed Destroyer and you need the toughest dog bed ever built to foil their destructive ambitions then you need chew proof. Chew resistant is just not going to cut it.

I might get around to the chew resistant beds – goodness knows I’ve seen enough! – but this article only looks at chew proof beds.

A two dog bed race

There are actually only two companies that produce a chew proof dog bed – K9 Ballistics and Kuranda – which makes the choice slightly easier in some ways.

K9 Ballistics beds are made in the USA and only ship to the USA so that might narrow your options.

Kuranda beds are also made in the USA and although they are available overseas, as of writing, they do attract a premium. We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let’s see how tough these beds really are and whether they will hold their own against Duke or Daisy.

Indestructible, chew proof, chew resistant – what’s the difference?

Different manufacturers tend to give their products different names so let’s get the terms sorted first.

Indestructible and chew proof are often used interchangeably. No manufacturer actually claims their dog beds are indestructible although some do say they are the nearest you’ll get.

So let’s use the term chew proof to avoid confusion.

These are the most resilient dog beds you can get.

And chew resistant beds?

Chew resistant beds are for dogs who chew a little, and who may dig and paw at their bed. They are typically made from fabric – tough, of course! – rather than being built around a frame and can therefore come in a variety of styles including pads, bolsters and sofas.

However, they don’t expect your dog to make a concerted effort to chew them! Chew resistant is a whole ‘nother ball game with far more style, design and material options.

If a bed is made from a material and has edges, corners and seams – as chew resistant beds do – it will be far easier to a dog to get their teeth around it and seriously damage it or, at worst, destroy it.

Raised dog bed benefits

Chew proof beds consist of a metal or PVC frame which raises the bed off the ground. Fabric is stretched across the frame for the dog to lie on.

There are many raised beds which are not chew proof (so we’re not looking at them here) but raised beds have additional benefits which you might like to bear in mind.

As the bed is raised, it keeps your dog out of any draughts that may be circulating at floor level. Get down to their bed level and see if it’s draughty.

It also keeps the bed off the floor which is important if the floor is concrete or tiled. The beds also allow air to circulate keeping your dog cool in summer.

The beds are covered with a tough fabric and not stuffed so you will not end up with stuffing all over the house.

Similarly, the frame and cover are easy to clean and can be wiped down or hosed down. As they don’t contain foam or stuffing, there’s less likelihood of parasites inhabiting the bed and it’s easier to clean off mites, dander and allergens.

However, do note that a raised bed may not suit all dogs because of their size, age or preferred sleeping habit.

K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Dog Cot

K9 Ballistics Dog Cot - you have to supply your own dog!K9 Ballistics calls its toughest dog bed the Chew Proof Dog Cot, and sometimes the Cujo Cot. Just to confuse matters, on sites such as Amazon, it is sometimes called Durable Chew Resistant Raised Dog Bed. They are the same product.

The dog beds are raised off the ground by about 6″which allows the fabric to be stretched across the frame and not hit the floor when your dog jumps or lies on it.

If a dog bed does not have a frame it will be made from a fabric and it will be chew resistant at best. At least until some totally chew proof fabric is invented.

The Dog Cot frame

The K9 Dog Cot has an anodised aluminium alloy framed which, while potentially chewable, is not easy for a dog to get its teeth around and, I suspect, not particularly palatable.

The Dog Cot fabric

The cover stretched across the frame is made from RipStop ballistic fabric, a synthetic 1680 denier nylon. This forms the grid pattern on the cover and prevents punctures from becoming holes.

“Incidentally, some people have wondered if the K9 beds are made from Kevlar. No, they’re not. Believe it or not, dogs have been known to chew through Kevlar and it unravels into strands that could be extremely harmful if ingested.”

The cover is also fitted inside the frame so there are no corners for the dog to get hold of with their teeth.

Although springy, the RipStop cover is a little slippery and an eager dog may slide on it. However, it is very resistant to pawing, scratching and digging. Take a look at this.

Let sleeping dogs lie

After your dog has, hopefully, given up his or her attempt to destroy the bed, they will, again hopefully, lie on it.

Although the cover gives, it is not as comfortably or as snugly as a material bed but that, alas, is a trade-off you have to make between snuggles and a shredded bed.

If your dog does settle down, K9 Ballistics produce a chew resistant Crate Pad (this is only available in the USA) which you might want to put on top. It’s not as snugly as a bolster or sofa bed but it is more ‘beddish’.

As your dog may be able to get its teeth around the edges, the Crate Pad is not as impervious to destructive behaviour as the Cot. It is certainly more durable than a tradition fabric bed and it also comes with a 120-day warranty.

K9 Ballistics Warranty

To quote from the K9 website:

“180 Day Warranty includes damage made by a dog, including creating holes, rips, and tears by chewing, dragging, or pushing the cot. Remove the cot as soon as damage occurs. Warranties are handled on a case-by-case basis.”

In addition, you must submit photographic evidence. K9 will send you one free cot replacement, including the frame.

Buying the Correct Size

Whichever bed you buy, you need the right size for your dog. Sizing a dog bed is not an exact science but here’s a guide.

Start by measuring your dog standing up, from the tip of their nose to their tail bone, then add a few inches, depending on the overall size of the dog, say between 4-12″. That will be the minimum size bed you need.

Most dogs tend to sleep curled up but some dogs like to stretch out in which case you need to take that into consideration, too.

Alternatively, when your dog’s asleep measure out the area they occupy.

If in doubt always get a size larger. Your dog will thank you!

Dog Cot sizes

The Dog Cot comes in five sizes:The K9 Dog Cot comes in 5 sizes

Small          20″x30″
Medium      23″x35″
Large         25″x40″
X-Large     27″x44″
XX-Large  35″x50″

With the legs, they are all about 6″ from the floor.

Here’s a useful size chart to help you Pick the perfect size.

The cover also comes in five colours: black, blue, green, red and tan.

Assembling the Dog Cot

To assemble the Dog Cot, you only need to screw on the legs.

Inside or Outside

Because of their tough construction and as they are waterproof, the K9 Ballistic Dog Cot can be used both inside and outside.

Cleaning the Dog Cot

As the frame is metal and the cover is a type of nylon, the L9 Dog Cot is easy to keep clean. The whole bed can be hosed down if it’s really dirty or simply washed with a cloth.

K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Dog Cot – Summary

Without doubt, the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Dog Cot is one of the toughest dog beds you can buy.

While not completely indestructible, the bed will hold its own against the vast majority of the most fervent chewers.

Most chewers will demolish their bed in a few days, if not a few hours, so K9’s 120-day warranty gives you confidence in the bed’s durability.

Buying a K9 Ballistics Dog Cot

If you’re in the USA, buying a K9 Dog Cot is no problem and shipping is free.

If you live in another part of the world, it’s not so easy. K9 dog beds are manufactured in the USA and the company does not currently ship overseas because of delivery costs.

A couple of K9 dog beds have appeared on Amazon UK but they are all out of stock and were of the chew resistant variety. No Chew Proof Dog Cot has ever been listed.

Kuranda chew proof dog beds

Kuranda make two types of chew proof dog bed – the Aluminium Dog Bed and the Standard Dog Bed.

The Aluminium Dog Bed has – yes, you guessed – an aluminium frame.

The Kuranda Standard Dog Bed

The Standard Dog Bed has a Poly Resin frame and is sometimes referred to as the Poly Resin Bed.

The Poly Resin frame uses two types of PVC plastic – the inner one provides structural strength while the outer one gives a furniture-grade finish. The outer layer has a glossy finish that is extremely resistant to damage by chemicals.

Just to add another layer of potential confusion, the Standard/Poly Resin Bed is sometimes referred to as the PVC Bed. They are all the same.

BUT there are two types of finish. The Walnut finish is suitable for indoor use only, while the Almond finish is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Beds for heavy dogs

The PVC frames have been designed for dogs weighing less than 100lbs. The Aluminium frames have been tested with dogs weighing up to 250lbs.

Kuranda fabric types

There are four types of fabric available for both the Aluminium and the Standard Bed.

Textured Nylon (commonly called Cordura)
This is abrasion-resistant high-denier nylon. It is recommended for older dogs as it provides plenty of traction getting on and off the bed. It’s also the best fabric choice for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

Smooth Nylon (commonly called Ballistic)
This is also made from abrasion-resistant high-denier nylon but with a smooth finish making it more slippery. However, it won’t catch hair and it’s easier to clean.

Outdoor Mesh (commonly called Vinyl Weave)
This is an open-weave fabric which allows air and water to flow through to help keep your dog cool. It’s particularly suited to outdoor use and for dogs which may be incontinent. However, the open weave means it is more prone to damage and is not covered by the company’s warranty.

Heavy Duty Vinyl (commonly called 40 oz. Vinyl)
This is Kuranda’s most durable fabric. It’s designed to resist ardent diggers and scratchers and is also most suitable for heavier dogs. It’s a smooth material and potentially slippery but it’s easily wiped or hosed clean.

The fabric is fitted by sliding into the frame so there are no edges or corners for your dog to grab or chew.

Fabric colours

Finally, the fabrics come in a range of colours. Not every fabric is available in every colour so here’s a quick guide as to what’s available:

Cordura: Burgundy, Gold, Forest Green, Smoke
Ballistic: Forest Green, Smoke
Vinyl Weave: Royal Blue, Sierra, Forest Green, Birch Forest
40 oz. Vinyl: Burgundy, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Smoke

Assembling a Kuranda bed

The Kuranda dog beds come as a package of parts which you have to assemble. It requires a little more work than simply screwing on the legs of the K9 Ballistics beds, but it’s not a complicated process and the assembly instructions are clear.

Here’s a video which shows you exactly what to do.

If you’ve put together a self-assembly chest of drawers or wardrobe, you’ll probably find this easier!

If you have no experience in this department, it may take a short while and some customers have reported difficulty with assembly.

Kuranda dog bed sizes

Kuranda have 6 sizes of bed:

X Small       25″ x 18″
Small          30″ x 20″
Medium      35″ x 23″
Large          40″ x 25″
X Large      44″ x 27″
XX Large    50″ x 36″

The measurements are the total size including the frame so you can check if a bed will fit into a particular space.

Deduct about 4″ from each measurement to find the actual sleeping area which you’ll need after measuring your dog (as we discussed earlier). It’s better if your dog can lie completely on the fabric rather than overlapping onto the frame for their comfort.

If in doubt, go up a size.

The X Large and XX Large beds are 9″ off the ground while the others are 7″.

Bed size by dog length

Kuranda helpfully has several guides on their website. This one uses the length of your dog as a guide.

Maximum dog length        Bed size

21″                  25″ x 18″ bed
26″                  30″ x 20″ bed
31″                  35″ x 23″ bed
36″                  40″ x 25″ bed
40″                  44″ x 27″ bed
46″                  50″ x 36″ bed

Kuranda 1 year warranty

Here is Kuranda’s warranty terms:

“We guarantee the structural integrity of each of our dog bed frames as well as the cordura, ballistic and heavy duty vinyl fabrics for a period of one year from the original date of purchase of the bed.

Vinyl weave, deluxe fleece pads, reversible fleece pads, canvas bed pads, bolster items and slip covers are not covered under any chew proof guarantee.

If your dog is able to damage any part of frame or fabric beyond usability, we will send out replacement parts for free.”

Kuranda requires photographic proof of the damage. Return of the damaged part is not necessary.

Note that replacement is limited to one bed or part.

Also, note that the Vinyl Weave fabric is not covered by the warranty but if you want a chew proof bed, you wouldn’t pick this option.

That’s a pretty good guarantee.

Kuranda dog bed prices

I won’t quote prices here as they are subject to change but the PVC beds are very roughly 30% cheaper than the aluminium beds.

The basic price includes either the Cordura or Vinyl Weave (which you wouldn’t want for a chew proof bed) fabrics. The Ballistic and 40 oz. Vinyl fabrics are $5 extra, whatever the size of the bed. You’ll see this if you look at two identical beds but with different fabrics.

Also, note that the Ballistic fabric is not available for the XX Large bed size.

Which Kuranda Dog Bed is the most durable?

If you’ve been following all the options you’ll probably have worked out that the aluminium frame is the most durable, along with the 40 oz. Vinyl fabric. If you want the ultimate in chew proof beds, this is the one to go for.

However, if your dog is not Duke or Daisy the Destroyer, you may feel it safe to explore the other Standard Dog Bed options as they are less expensive yet are still covered by Kuranda’s warranty.

Buying a Kuranda dog bed

The good news is that Kuranda beds are available worldwide although you may have to seek them out.

I like shopping with Amazon because they have excellent delivery, great service and are particularly good with returns and other problems such as delivery issues

Buying a Kuranda dog bed in the USAUSA - Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed

Yay! In the USA you can buy Kuranda dog beds on Amazon. Select, say, the Aluminium bed with 40 oz. Vinyl then pick the size and the fabric colour from the listing. No problem.

Kuranda Dog Beds on Amazon USA

Just one word of caution. Most listings are fulfilled by ‘Kuranda Dog Beds’ but a few listings are fulfilled by another company and are significantly more expensive. Make sure your order is fulfilled by Kuranda Dog Beds for the best price.

Buying a Kuranda dog bed in the UK

In the UK you can also buy Kuranda dog beds on Amazon – hooray! – but they are supplied by at least three companies, all based in America – one in New York and two in California. Delivery takes a 2-4 weeks.

However, what makes selection difficult is that you need to find a single listing with ALL the features you need – frame type, frame size, fabric and fabric colour. Individual listings are not customisable.UK - Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed

You might expect a slight price premium shipping over from the States but there’s no consistency. I won’t quote exact prices as they can change at any time but here’s some examples of price differences.

Doing a $-to-£ conversion, one bed is about £28 more than its US counterpart which might seem reasonable. However, another is £55 more.

With another beds there are differences of £47 and £80 depending on fabric COLOUR!

These are supplied by different companies so I suspect it’s more the difference in price between the companies rather than the fabric. But still…

The best advice I can currently offer is to find the bed you want and see if there’s a cheaper one fulfilled by another company. Currently, beds fulfilled by Powerful Output seem to be the best value.

Look for the line in small print that says:

Dispatched from and sold by Powerful Output

Which is just below the line that says:

Get it as soon as…

I’d have no qualms about buying from any of these companies through Amazon because of Amazon’s excellent customer service.

Kuranda Dog Beds on Amazon UK

Kuranda UK website

Currently, Kuranda has a UK website – Kuranda Dog Beds

AW Solutions runs/ran Kuranda's UK websiteHowever, this is run by a company called AW Solutions and a Google search reports the company as permanently closed.

If I get more information, I’ll edit this Post.

To be kept informed, leave a Comment below and you’ll be informed of any updates.

Gosh! This is starting to feel more like a detective novel than a review! 🙂

Buying Kuranda in Australia

Sadly, Kuranda is not available from Amazon Australia, but you can order directly from Therian.

Buying Kuranda worldwide

If you’re in another part of the world, Kuranda has a list of Kuranda beds outside the US although, alas, it’s not kept up to date.

Chew proof dog beds – Summary

If you have a Duke or a Daisy and have despaired at finding a suitable dog bed, despair no more – there is a solution.

Although not indestructible, the K9 and Kuranda dog beds are as close as you’ll get.

I haven’t listed any prices as you can easily get current prices from Amazon. The aluminium beds are comparable within a few dollars (except for those on Amazon UK!) so I wouldn’t let that be a deciding factor.

See if you have a preference for the frame and the different types of fabric and take it from there. Kuranda’s 1-year guarantee is impressive.

K9 Ballistics Dog Cots USA OnlyAmerica

Kuranda Dog Beds USAAmerica

Kuranda Dog Beds UKUK

Kuranda Dog Beds Canada

I hope you found this article interesting and useful.

If you have any questions about chew proof beds or would like to share your experience of them or any other ‘tough’ dog beds, please leave a message in the Comments below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Likewise, if you’d like to be updated if any information here changes, leave a Comment, too.

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