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Best chew proof dog beds 2019 – Beds your dog won’t destroy! — 8 Comments

  1. Modern dog beds aren’t made to last, seriously. I had 4 in the past and none made it past one year – thanks to my pooch.

    A friend suggested that I check out chew proof beds and after reading your reviews, I know what they look like and what kind of features are being offered. Given how my dog is good at scratching, I am still a bit skeptic but hey, Christmas is coming and he needs a new bed, so why not, right? 

    • Hi Cathy – a bed for Christmas! 🙂 Happy dog!

      I think it’s tough (no pun intended!) designing a dog bed as you need to get the right balance between robustness and comfort. For a chew-proof bed, I think these beds do a great job.

      They should withstand scratchers and diggers as well as chewers. You might want to take a look at How to stop your dog from chewing his bed anyway. Sort of double protection 🙂

      Other beds, however, are geared more towards comfort and if your dog chews or nibbles a bit they will eventually wear them down. Murphy didn’t chew his bed and they lasted a few years. They weren’t expensive and they wore out through use rather than destructive behaviour.


  2. Hi Ian,

    You read my mind, thanks for sharing this article, as I was looking to find some information for dog beds on the internet, your article caught my attention.

    My best friend (my dog) is one of the best, but he already has on his list a few chewed beds, so I was looking for some information to get a bed that could last a little longer so it will help me to not be spending money every month.

    I find your article very informative and the beds look nice and I think my dog will find one of them comfortable. 

    Thank you for sharing the link to get it in Canada.

    • Hi Alejandra – If your dog’s a chewer, one of these beds should certainly help. Some dogs nubble rather than chew and some suck their beds, but they all have a destructive effect on the bed which eventually needs replacing. These beds are designed to last as long as doggily possible! 🙂

      You might also like to have a look at How to stop your dog from chewing his bed. Many of the techniques can be applied to other behaviours, too.

      God luck with the new bed!

  3. Hi! Oh, thank you! I have arrived at the right place. I have read a couple of other articles but they just presented chew resistant beds and that’s not what I had been looking for! Duke Leo the Bed Destroyer has already destroyed those “chew resistant” beds. I appreciate your focus on chew proof beds!

    I think I have made my mind! Reading your post, the K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Dog Cot is the one!

    Thank you very much!

    • Oh dear, I sholdn’t laugh but Duke Lee the Bed Destryoer has such a ring to it… 🙂

      Oddly enough, a few other people I know refer to their dogs as ‘The Bed Destroyer’, too. Daisy sounds placid enough but Daisy the Bed Destroyer is a whole different beast! 🙂

      It can seem difficult to stop the behaviour (it takes time and perseverence) but you might like to read How to stop your dog from chewing his bed as a sort of belt and braces approach, while you also prevent his bed-chewing with a K9.


  4. Ian, Hello! So great to read your caring post. Caring for a dog by making sure they have a good bed is most important. Today everything is very simple. Just need to read your recommendations, select the catalog and the mail will deliver. 

    I always had a dog and I myself designed a dog bed with care and enthusiasm. The bed looked like on your pictures with small legs. The bed also had small sides. I used the following materials: aluminum profile and PVC  or polyurethane sheet. 

    My dog does not chew on woven things. My puppy gnawed a lot of small things at a small age. Then she slept in a cozy  low legged wooden box. I made this bed beautifully, and the teeth marks did not bother me.

    I am delighted with your article containing new useful things. 

    Thank you.


    • Hi Mark – you made a dog bed! I am very impressed! What a wonderful idea. As you say, it is probably easier to order one online now – the internet is a great invention! 🙂 

      It’s good that your dog doesn’t chew material – at least your sofa and cushions will be safe 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your kind comments,

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