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  1. techfordogs.com teaches me a great lesson. I never knew that even Dogs need some respect and not to be called by funny names. Dogs really deserve good names like people and not given names that scare people.

    So my question is – is it possible to change my Dogs name from the current name?

    • Thank you very much for your comment and contribution.

      Yes, dogs are human, too 🙂 And for many dog owners, they’re more human than some humans!

      Dogs are sensitive to many aspects of our behaviour. They read our body language and our moods which is why they’re such great company, especially when we’re feelling low. This sensitivity can also extend to our attitude towards them. They know when they’re being ignored – and most will let you know! – and they know how much you love them, too.

      If they have a funny or silly name, that will inevitably be reflected in your attitude towards them which will be mirrored in your body language, etc. That’s not to say you can’t have a ‘pet’ name for them. Murphy was my Little Fellow and Big Lad – at the same time! – but I loved all my dogs and treated them with a respect and dignity that I’d give to a friend. And I could hug them!

      Can you change your dog’s name? I hope it’s not called Brute or Killer! 🙂  Yes, it should be failry easy to do. Some authorities say dog’s don’t really recognise their name but know that ‘something’ happens after they hear it – hopefully dinner or a treat! 🙂 I’m not sure. Many dog owners will say that their dogs know their names.

      If you get a rescue dog, for example, you may not know their name or you may not like it so if you call them by a differnt name will they will soon pick up the signals.


  2. I didn’t realize so much could go into dog naming! This was very thorough. Personally I’ve named my dogs Killian and Bad Cop (from the movie LEGO Movie haha), but this list has given me so much to think about for my next dog! Maybe the next one will be a girl and I can really dig into the list of girl names. I love that you brought in pop culture to your list. Any Star Wars names you might suggest for a girl dog? Besides the obvious Leia or Rey haha

    • Hi Sydney – Killian and Bad Cop – that’s brilliant! If he does something naughty do you say: “Bad Bad Cop!”? Or does he just think his name is Cop? 🙂

      The main thing – for me, at least – is that the name suits the dog. It’s kinda weird to explain but you sorta know when  you have the right name. The most obvious Star Wars name for a dog is Chewy! 🙂 But not sure if that would fit a girl. Everyone would know where Leiac comes from although it’s a great name.

      If you search further afield you might find a name that is unusual but only Star Wars fans would recognise :-). Of course you can go for tech and geeky if you want but I’d be inclined to look at names that also sound feminine. Try these: Hera, Mara, Traya, Beru, Aphra. There’s also Rose who’s a character in the series although for a dog I’d probably use Rosie.

      Come back and let us know what you decide. With photos 🙂

  3. What a great and very detailed article, you have given an absolute wealth of choices of dogs names here! 

    At some point we will be getting two puppies which we want to be brothers from the same litter, so I know exactly where to head to now for their ever so important Names.

    At the moment we have a senior dog, she is a Jack Russell and her name is Holly – because she was born on Xmas Eve. 

    • Ha! Ha! Thanks, Dianne.

      I know people called Holy, Carol, Angela and Eve. There’s probably more Christmasy names than that!

      Holly’s a great name for a dog – it has the doggy vowel! 🙂 – and I could also seee Evie working. Maybe Angie.

      Brothers – or sisters? Now that’s something I didn’t actually look at. The only suggestion I’d make is not to give them similar-sounding names like Beau and Joe or Chester and Dexter 🙂 You can see why!

      Do pop back and let’s know what you call then  – and send us a photo!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Absolutely interesting to read and comprehend.

    I am acutely obsessed with dogs, I love them so much. I believe dogs hear and know their name and surely understand a follow up command.

    I had three dogs sometime ago…..Snowball, Boxer and Scooby….. they were lovely individuals, they knew their names and responded when called. 

    To the question of if dogs should have a human name, I think that might be a little bit of an individual choice. In the real sense there are human names that fit dogs better than humans… If you have a loving dog you will understand.

    • Hi Olonisakin – thank you for your comment.

      I tend to think dogs know their name rather than just expecting a follow-up command. If one of my dogs was lying down and I said their name they’d often flick their eyes in my direction as if to say: “What?”.

      You’re right that some names fit dogs better than humnans 🙂 All my dogs had human names but that was never a conscious decision. In fact, most of the dogs I’ve met have had human names. Maybe it’s our way of trying to make them more human. There’s a philosophical thought! 🙂

  5. Hi Ian,
    I certainly will pop back with a photo.
    You’rw right about making sure their names are not similar……What about something like… Bruno and Mars…hahaha!

    • Thanks, Dianne – look forward to the piccies 🙂

      Bruno and Mars is brilliant! But the mind just goes walkabout after that!

      Mike and Jackson
      Bob and Dylan
      Kayne and West
      Taylor and Swift (sounds male)
      Travis and Scott
      Brad and Pitt
      Harry and Ford
      Tom and Cruise
      Bruse and Willis

      and two which probably wouldn’t hit the spot:

      Ed and Sheeran
      Just and Beiber

      It’s endless! Thanks, Dianne,

  6. I love choosing names, especially for pets! I named my first dog “Piccolo”, his middle name was “Topolino” and we called him “Picco”. Piccolo means “little” in Italian and Topolino means “mouse”, so he was basically named “little mouse” and he perfectly identified with this name as he was a little poodle mongrel and kinda reminded me of a little mouse when we adopted him.

    My second dog was also a poodle mongrel and was named “Bambino”, which means “boy” in Italian and we called him “Bambi”. The next time I get a dog I’ll have a look at your inspirational list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ruya – thanks for visiting.

      I love the idea of a dog having a middle name 🙂 but whyever not? Although you could get the sitation where you named your dog after the whole Italian football team, for example! 🙂 Some English football fans have named their CHILDREN after whole teams!

      One way to choose a name that I didn’t look at is to do as you have and pick a name from another language. I guess it’s easier if you speak the language 🙂 There are so many great-sounding words in other languages. I love Picco as a name for a small dog. Topo would also make a great name.

      I like the derivation of Bambi but it can’t help but remind me of the Walt Disney movie (wow – made back in 1942!) about a young deer.

      Good luck with your next dog. Pop back and let’s know what you call them – and send a photo 🙂

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