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Can dogs eat bacon? – Or other pork food? — 14 Comments

  1. Aww, I was not aware that bacon,sausage and ham was bad for my pup, all the things he loves.  Like you said, when they give you those big puppy eyes and hold up that paw.  Well, that’s it for me.  No more sausage, ham and bacon bits for my chihuahua. 

    Me myself, I am not much for eating meat.  But I do cook it and my kids eat it.  I cook mostly chicken and fish though.  I make red meat only occasionally, less than once a week.  So I’ll keep an eye out.  My kids love bacon. 🙁

    • Hi Margarette – yes, the smell of baocn is very tempting. I suspect it’s as tempting to dogs as it is to us But, as you’ve seen, it’s not the best food to feed your dog, especially a Chihuahua!

      The begging habit can be difficult to break. Once a dog does somthing and gets a reward, they will continue doing it just incase that reward reappears. Ignoring the behaviou is one way to tackle it (although this can take a long time)  but another is by distraction, say by giving your dog a doggy treat or toy.

      Also, be sure your kids don’t feed your fog when you’re not looking! 🙂


  2. Great post,

    Our dog is a table scrap king and with 2 little kiddos running around the dog always seems to wind up with a little nibble of something. I always have heard that feeding dogs ‘’human” food was bad for them.

    I did learn today that eggs are fine for dogs, I didn’t know that before your post. Amongst other great points, I always enjoy learning something new!


    • Hi Nic – well, back in the day, most dogs were fed on scraps from the table and probably did just fine. However, nowadays I think a lot of human fodd is not good for us, nevermind dogs! And our diet now includes many things it didn’t, say 50+ years ago.

      Some human foods can be poisonous. This includes chocolate (I hope everyone knows that now), onions, garlic, avocado, certain types of nut, alcohol… It’s quite a big list.

      Faar better feed your dog a healthy dog diet to keep him safe and well – and leave all the unhealthy food for us! 🙂


  3. Great take on the importance of quality food for your dog. Sounds like a case of training the owner… 🙂

    We have four dogs and they do not under any circumstances eat any “human food”. I do pity them though when I barbecue and they have to smell the delicious meat we are cooking for our supper. Their dog food must taste pretty blah after smelling that barbecue flavour.

    I notice that you talk a lot about fats in this article which is the question I have. We have avocado trees in our yard and our dogs love to eat them when they fall to the ground. We have heard that avocados are not good for dogs because of the fat content. I don’t know if the vegetable (fruit) fat is OK for them or not. Do you have any experience with this? The reason I ask is that their fur is extremely rich and shiny during avocado season, but I don’t know if on the inside it’s doing something damaging to their overall health. 

    • Hi Mitch – yes, unfortunately there is a lot of human food that is, at best, unhealthy for dogs and, at worst, toxic. The easiest and safest option is simply not to feed your dog human food. Difficult, I know, when they give you the puppy eyes and offer a paw, but you’re probably doing them no favours by giving in… So good for you!

      Have you seen some of the stuff dogs eat!? I’m not sure that they think barbie food is any better than road kill (there is a story I could tell there!) so I wouldn’t feel sorry for them. If they are begging it’s because they know it’s food 🙂 If you give them some treats while you are eating or, better still, a Kong filled with treats, they will be just as happy.

      The thing about fats and salt is that dogs should get all they need in their normal diet and foods with high quantities of fats are the equivalent of us eating a dozen cream cakes before breakfast – not healthy! The point is – why take the risk with your dog’s health?

      A few readers have asked about avocados as they, too, have trees and their dogs like eating them. Are they good for dogs or not? This is not an easy question to answer inn this short space. Two potential problems are the central stone should the dog og swallow it, and persin which is a fungacidal toxin found in avocados. The biggest proble w ith the stone is the danger of choking if they swallow it, or obstruction even if they chew it.

      Research is, alas, inconclusive but some sources suggest you avoid Guatemalan varieteies. The current thinking is that the meat of the fruit is okay but the skin, leaves and nut may be problematical.

      Avocads are quite high in fat (although it’s a ‘good’ fat) so excesive consumption is not a good thing but the fat content itself should be no more harmful that the fat from any other source.

      As many dogs do eat avocados from the trees, it might seem that all is well, but you might want to do some research in to the tree types and what exactly your dogs are eating.

  4. I never knew that bacon is not good at all for dogs as it contains more salt that is not good for dogs. My father used to buy a full roasted chicken or a bacon shank just to feed dogs and I was like, why is he doing this because there are other foods specifically for dogs. I wish he could be here right now just to see for himself on your post that he rather give his dogs eggs not bacon

    • That’s a story!

      Many people don’t know what’s good for their dogs and think that if humans eat it, dogs can eat it, too. Dogs WILL eat almost anything, but there are so many human foods that are not good for them. Which is why it’s best and safest to stick to proper dog food unless you have thoroughly researched the alternatives.

      Bacon is high in salt and fat, and it’s carcinogenic. All good reason you may not want to eat it 🙂 but definitely reasons not to give it to your dog.

  5. This is a well written, informative article. Thank you for putting this together.

    We really need to take good care of our dogs health-wise. It is funny how many times we ignore these little tips that matter because we feel we are making our dogs happy by giving in to them while in the kitchen.

    Cooked chicken is always a much better and safer choice and it is an excellent source of protein needed by dogs for good health.

    • Yes, alas, many people think it’s okay to give their dog a ‘little bit’ of human food, especially food we enjoy! We aren’t making our dogs happy as much as we are making then unhealthy.

      Chicken is good! 🙂 But preferably cooked and definitely unseasoned. And don’t feed your dog cooked chiecken bones as they can splinter and cause serious injury.

      Chiecken is high in protein as you say and can be a good substitute for a meal or given as a special treat now and again but it shouldn’t form a large part of your dog’s regular diet. Also, just to point out – some dogs are allergic to chicken so keep an eye on your puppy the first time you feed it to them.

  6. Bless you for this post!!!

    All of my kids have had four legs and tails, and I have numbers 14, 15 and 16 (over 40 years) with me now–and those are only the ones my late wife and I shared, not when I was a kid.

    Your concern about salt and fat content is right in line with all I have been told by vets and what I have read over the years.  Dog foods are formulated (some better than others) with ingredients that are structured for their health, and the amounts of salt and fat (and other ingredients) are figured in. 

    The only thing close to “table scraps” that mine get are an occasional chip, cookie or cracker that I am having, and then only one or two.  Mine do get good food–I buy 4Health from Tractor Supply, but I’m not recommending anyone else do it just because I am.  Do the research and decide what is best for your “kids”–the information is out there.

    There are actually some fruits an vegetables that dogs can eat (and are beneficial), but also some that are very toxic–you could do a complete post on that subject alone.

    You are spot on with this post, and I hope all who read it take heed.  Thanks again, and best wishes,


    • Hi Joe – thanks for your kind remarks and sharing your stories about your ‘kids’. All dogs are our kids, I think 🙂

      You’re right! I think people don’t realise what damage they can do, even long-term, by feeding their dogs inappropriate food.

      I find ‘proper’ dog food a complex subject. I fed my last three dogs on James Wellbeloved but, again, this is not a recommendation.

      Yes, dogs can safely eat many fruit and vegetables, but there are also many that are not good for them at all. It’s another complex subject, probably more a book than an article 🙂 But we’ll see…

      Thanks for your contribution. All the best to you and your ‘kids’,

    • Hi Joe – that’s very kind and thoughtful of you. I’ll try to pass your message on. That’s a very useful link.

      Several readers said they have avocado tress and their dogs love eating them. If the dogs have been doing it for a couple of yeas they may think it’s fine but most people are simply not aware of the risks.

      Thanks again,

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