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Does my dog love me? How do I know? — 4 Comments

  1. Love this article. I have a dog and he does all of these things but I did always wonder how he genuinely felt about me. Awesome to know that it technically is possible for our pets to feel the same way. I had no idea about the hug thing though, that’s really interesting how they’re all so different.

    • I think it’s why we have a special relationship with dogs.

      Oddly enough, although dogs descended from wolves, wolves don’t produce oxytocin when they look at us.

      The hug thing is interesting. Although we often think our dogs are human, they’re not, and have a different set of relationship values.

      Hope your dog’s a hggy one! 🙂

  2. My dog loves me and my family, but I am definitely the favorite.  When I come home, she greets me with excitement, even though my wife and kid have been home all day.  When I work late, she stands by the door and  whines until I get home.

    My dog does lean into me, it is like a dog hug. When I stand in front of her, she puts her head on my leg when I lean down to pet her.  

    I also have a cat, he greets me too, but he just wants a treat!

    • Hi James – that’s cats for you 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your doggy love experience. It’s interesting how a dog can be a ‘one person dog’ even though they spend time with and are looked after by other people. Having said that, it’s often the same with people. In a groups of siblings, most individuals will have a favourite, and even parents may have a favourite child (even if they don’t admit it) even though they love them all equally.

      In the case of dogs, I think this can be due to a bonding experience early in their life – first love, puppy love and all that. Later in their life, I think it can be ‘earned’ in a sense by engaging with them more. There’s more about this process in How to walk a dog – Worry Free Walks. But I think first love takes some beating 🙂


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