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Dog Tech Wireless Communication Explained — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Ian,

    I found this article very helpful. I enjoyed your comment about how GPS can be used to track your pet. Wouldn’t this be helpful if a pet were missing?

    You mentioned Bluetooth devices. I have always wondered how they started, how they got there name. Thanks for this information.


    • Hi Elaina – Bluetooth – now you know! Vikings get everywhere! 🙂

      Yes, the GPS tracker is a brilliant device. I wish I had had one when I lost Murphy in deepest France although he was not usually prone to wandering off. They can also tell you where your dog is if you have a large property he runs around in.

      However, if your dog gets lost then a microchip implant is a better option as any vet or rescue centre can scan this and find out who you are and where you are.


  2. Nice way to explain a very” techy “topic in such simple way. Most people confuse the definition of Wireless technology and Wi-fi which is a wireless technology as you said in the article. 

    There is a misconception that “Wi-Fi”, is short for “wireless fidelity”. 

    To be specific Wi-Fi is a trademarked term for  IEEE 802.11x which is the standard from Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) that define wireless communication protocols. 

    The range of coverage and the speed of data transmission of all the different technologies that the article is talking about will determine in what field they are used.

    It’s really interested how wireless technology like a GPS can be used to take care of your best friend. And it’s very easy to use.

    Nice and very useful article. 

    • Plumbing the depths of my memory, I knew WiFi didn’t stand for Fidelity but I didn’t know it didn’t stand for anything! 🙂 Much like… Well, we won’t get philosophical here… 🙂 Thank you for the info.

      Yes, I think GPS trackers are great. If your dog is prone to wander, it can save many an anxious moment. Even if your dog is well-behaved, if you walk through woods or areas where your dog can get out of your sight, it’s a wonderful reassirance.


  3. I have always been careful around those WiFi hot spots. I will not use businesses hot spots unless they provide me with a password for protection. You never know who is around spying on what you are doing and trying to steal information from you. 

    The GPS that’s used to track dogs is a great idea. I have a dog and this would come in handy if he ran away. Could you tell me if you know of any GPS dog tracking products on the market today?

    • Hi Cory – yes, you can never be too careful with internet security. Y’all take care out there… 🙂

      There are literally dozens of dog trackers on the market. It’s a minefield.
      However, we have put together a comprehensive guide to dog tracker features, what to look for in a tracker, and we’ve rounded it off with our top 5 dog tracker picks. You should find at least one there to suit you, your dog and your location.

      If you have any questions about dog trackers, please leave them in the Dog Tracker Comments section and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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