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FitBark 2 review – activity monitor for dogs — 8 Comments

  1. My girlfriend has a ‘fitbit thingy’ and she uses it all the time. It is a wonderful invention although the reality of its being useful is another story 🙂 I heard about the FitBark and thought it would be a good present – for her and her dog!

    You mentioned in your review that the upgrade now has more battery life than the original. Do you think that this will impact sales noticeably and version 1 owners will want to upgrade?

    I like the fact that you and your dog can exercise ‘together’ – this could indeed help owners to think about their health and that of their four-legged pals. I’m hoping my girlfriend will find it useful 🙂

    I love the part about the dog-walker and using it as a sort of ‘check’ to see if he/she is doing his/her job effectively. I can check my girfriend’s exercise while pretending to check the dog’s 🙂

    Thanks for the rview and keep up the great job!


    • Hi Michelle – thank you for checking us out! As you girlfriend already has a FitBit, I’m sure she will absolutele love the FitBark for her dog. As well as the health benefits, it’s fun exercising together and comparing results. Spoiler alert – the dog usually wins 🙂

      Yes, the increased battery life is a massive improvement. Some owners of the original version say the battery only lasts a week or just over. The battery life does seem to be related to how active your dog is. A week might seem like a long time but charging it meant removing the cover and plugging it in.

      The new increased battery life of up to 6 months (again, probably depending on your dog’s level of activity), is brilliant, and you don’t need to remove the cover to charge it.

      I hope your girlfriend enjoys ‘her’ present and you have fun comparing her results with her dog’s 🙂


  2. When I was growing up, I had two dogs. They ate the scraps of food after meals and what ever they hunted and caught.  I can remember once one dog going to a vet because he was poorly.  I am looking at a device like this and wonder how the pet industry has changed.

    That was years ago. I always wanted to have a dog for my kids, but they have grown and moved.  I now spend a lot of time with my grandson, who has been promised a dog so I can share him. I like this device and will get one for my grandson’s dog.  My childhood dogs were not examined for ailments, but this device monitors a dog’s health that could signal a trip to the vet.

    I did visit an Instagram page on the FitBark, actually looking for a video or two showing the device in action. The FitBark is, in my opinin, very practical, especially when you incorporate it with a healthy lifestyle – dog and owner.   “Health on both ends of the leash.”  

      What is the biggest benefit of using the FitBark 2?

    • Hi Mark – thank you for sharing your story about your dogs. I never had a dog when I was youn although I always wanted one. I have no idea what he would have eaten 🙂

      You’re right that the pet inbdustry has changed – now we have everything from  retractable leashes to health monitors. Where will it end? But I think it’s great that modern technology can be used to improve the life of our dogs, as well as giving us a bit fun in the process.

      The biggest benenft of the FitBark 2 is simply monitoring your dog’s health. It’s not easy to tell if they are becoming less active when they’re off the lead so it can alert you to reduced activity levels. And it monitors their overall activity. Also, most vets should be able to access the data for a more complete diagnosis.

      Of course, if it help improve your own health – “Health on both ends of the leash” – that’s an added bonus 🙂

      Good luck with ‘your’ new dog 🙂


  3. What an amazing invention!

    I really wish I had known about this when my dog was still around – I am quite sure that it would have helped me realise that she had an underlying health problem, and it could very well have helped to prolong her life, as I would have been able to get the treatment which she needed that much sooner. She was such a beautiful and patient dog that we just did not realise that she had a cancer until it was far too advanced to treat.

    The Fitbark 2 would be ideal for any dog owner who wants to monitor the health and activity of their pet and who really cares about the well-being of their dog. I hope that that includes all dog owners!

    The good health of your dog is something we generally don’t think about until we notice a problem. It looks like the FitBark will be able to do that for us.

    We will be getting a new puppy soon and will definitely get one for him. Or her 🙂

    Is the Fitbark suitable for all dogs to wear throughout their lives from puppyhood onwards? Are there any contraindications to its use?

    In my opinion, I think that the Fitbark2 is a must for every caring owner.

    Very many thanks for your really helpful and informative post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie – so sorry to hear about your dog. The FitBark monitors activity so if your dog is not as active as it used to be, that might indicate something is wrong and you need a trip to the vet.

      It’s quite difficult to monitor activity levels yourself unless your dog is really lethargis and then you know something’s not right. But when a dog is off the lead (or on a flexi leash) it’s difficult to know if they are running around as much as usual. It’s quite possible that a FitBark would have recorded lower activity levels in your dog even if you didn’t notice them yourself.

      The FitBark 2 is suitable for all dogs of all ages. It communicates via WiFi and the only possible contraindication I can think of is if your dog was fitted with a pacemaker of similar electronic device.

      Thank you for sharing your story and the very best o luck with your new puppy!


  4. This is really cool, like a FitBit for dogs. This would be awesome for people, especially runners, who like to take their dogs with them on their runs. I live near a rail trail (running trail that is a former railroad) and there are dozens of runners out that way who take their dogs running on it. It would be ideal for them to use to track their dog’s activity level. What an invention!

    • Hi Tod – yes, it’s mega cool if you use it alongside your FitBit although your dog will always do more miles than you! 🙂

      It might also be a bit of an incentive for a dog owner to exercise more. Most of us exercise far less than our parents and grandparents and have a more unhealthy lifestyle. I suspect dog walkers, even the amblers, are a little healthier than non-dog owners, but most of us could use a little extra encouragement 🙂

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