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Flexi retractable leashes review – A better alternative to a lead? — 10 Comments

  1. Wow…loads of information for us dog lovers! I love the descriptions of the different devices. I think you have done a great job, it’s very easy to read.

    I have a unique situation in that we have a Dachshund and our daughter has a Pit bull.

    How can I walk them both and not get tangled up, or jerked around?

    How does the Duo Belt work? Obviously, not with 2 different sized dogs?

    I have experienced the “snap back” when I release the clip, so I assume yours doesn’t do that?

    Great job. Love my dog! Obviously you do, too!



    • Hi Joe – thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated.

      The Duo Belt is only intended for small (and light) dogs so, alas, not suitable for your two. It’s simply a split lead so the two dogs will walk pretty close together but are still able to move away from you as the main lead extends.

      That’s the principle, and although the Flexi Duo belt may not be suitable, there are other duo attachments which might do the job, providing your main Flexi lead is tough enough for the two dogs.

      Dual lead attachments

      There is a more substantial option by Wigzi which can handle two dogs up to 50lbs each.and extends up to 10ft. Worth checking out. It’s thee Dual Doggie Pet Leash

      Another option is to pout one dog on the Flexi and the other on a normal lead (then switch them around at half time – it’s only fair!) but that will depend on how well behaved they are on their walk. If you need some help in that department, take a look at Worry Free Walks.

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘snap back’ in your example. Snap back occurs when the lead breals, becomes detatched from the collar or the collar breaks and it then ‘snaps back’ into the handle. If the lead is loose and the brake is on and you release the brake there will be a snap back effect as the slack on the lead is taken up into the handle.

      In normal use there should never be any slack as you would not have the brake on so the lead is at tension between you and your dog. If you put the brake on it’s to hald your dog or reel him in and there’s an easy method for doing that as shown in the video.

      The safety collar is designed to prevent snap back should the lead come away from your dog’s collar or if your dog’s collar breaks.

      Hope that helps 🙂


  2. Very interesting article with lot of information. i knew about Flexi leashes i did not know they came with that many features. Thank you for all the information I can tell you really did your homework on the company. That you really use and enjoy their product.

    Thank you for all the tips and advice. On how how to shorten the lead and how keep the dogs from jerking. You made understanding which lead to get easy. 

    Some questions are their any other brads of flexible lead and can you do a review for them?

    Is their any tech to make grooming you dog easier?

    • Hi Terry – thanks for yopur kind comments. If I say so myself, I think the table helps explain the options better than Flexi 🙂  Because there are so many variations, I thought it would help when choosing a lead.

      Ye, there are several other makes of retractable lead! I reciwed the Flexi leashes because they w ere one of the first (if not THE first) company to produce them so they have a long history of R&R, and I have used them for many yuers and I found them to be robust and reliable. Most retractable leads, size for size, are priced roughly the same. and, in my opinion, there’s not enough difference to make price a buying criteria. However, it would be interesting to look at some others so I may do that in future 🙂

      Tech for easier dog groomoing? You could try a dog parlour – put them in one end and out they come the other perfectly groomed 🙂  But it’s a good question. I know many dogs who hate being brushed but much of that stems from not being introduced to the process when a puppy and not doing it very often. I’ll put that on my list of things to look at, too 🙂


  3. Like you, I have been using Flexi leashes for years. You can usually always trust German products. They are always high quality and long lasting and I have never been disappointed in any German product that I have purchased.

    I had one of the older Flexi leads. These Flexi leads look like the dog leads of the future. There is so much more choice now and better design.

    I like the soft belt stop feature you mention, as in this way your dog won’t get hurt.This was not on my Flexis and  I always worry when using a choker chain that I am hurting my dog, but this seems to solve that problem.

    I see from the table that different leads come in different sizes which is useful. My current lead is old and I am thinking I should replace it. I like the way I can change the order of the leads in the table. I will study it and pick a new one. Thanks for listing this information about this fantastic product.

    • Hi Michel – Thank you, glad you enjoyed it and found it useful.

      Yes, my Flexis were also of the older type and it’s great to see the company still developing and improving their products.

      I also like the soft stop feature although I confess I have always just used my Flexis with a choke chain. I think these are better than normal collars as they spread the load around the neck and not just on the sensitive front part. The idea is not to let the chain tighten so it’s important to teach your dog good wlking behaviour. A tug on the lead rattles the chain rather than tightens it so the dog hears it and knows he’s being ‘checked’.

      Glad you like the table. The availability of lengths and features in the various ranges can be confusing so I produced this to make it easier 🙂

  4. I used the Flexi leashes before and they do work very well. I don’t  have a dog anymore but I still read about dog things and browsing this made me think of the walks we had and it makes me want to get a new dog friend.

    I recommend Flexi leashes specially on long walks so I can take my time and my dog can go where he wants. Thank you again for making me think about my dog and I will let you know when I get another.

    • Hi GV – glad you enjoyed the article. I find having a dog is the main – ONLY! – reason for going out for a walk! 🙂 Especially on cold, wet and miserable days. It’s amazing that none of my dogs have ever been concerned with the weather – however bad it is, they still want to go out! I know a couple of dogs who don’t like going out in the rain. Much to their owners’ delight! 🙂

      Good to know you like the Flexi leads, too.

  5. Ian, 

    I have two big dogs and one medium dog, and I never thought retractable leads would actually do any good with them.  One of the big dogs and the medium one haven’t worked out which one is going to be the boss yet, so I’d never walk those two together anyway.  They’d hurt each other.  

    But a couple of the large size retractables would work, probably wouldn’t have as much tangling possibility as trying to walk three dogs.  Does Flexi make anything to walk two larger dogs together so they don’t get tangled?  Like a y-shaped heavy duty strap?  You could always go with the biggest retractable size.

    Flexi sounds like the top of the line retractable leash, I always like to go with the best I can find, if you choose the cheap one, whatever it is, you just ask for trouble, then when the cheap one doesn’t work, people start being negative about ALL the manufacturers of that product.  Funny how that works!   

    Great post, I’m glad you have the good information, sounds like you did your homework!


    • Hi Steve – thank you for your kind comments. I didn’t realise how much Flexi had developed their range until I started my research.

      Flexi does make a Duo Belt (mentioned in the article) for walking two dogs but it’s only for small dogs and the small leash. I don’t see why a larger and more robust version wouldn’t work with larger dogs but I couldn’t find one. You could try attaching two short regular leads using a swivel mechanism like they have on the end of leads but I don’t know how well that might work.

      I couldn’t recomrmf two Flexi leads at the same yime. That’s asking for trouble 😱 However, you could try a Flexi and a normal lead, one in each hand, which might work well with a little practise. Do swap them over at the half-way mark – fair’s fair! 🙂

      However, the ultimate solution is to get your dogs to behave well on – and off – the lead. That will also take a little training and practise but you might like to look at Worry Free Walks for some tips and suggestions.

      From experience, I’ve found the Flexi leads to be good, solid, reliable leads and they are priced competatively
      so I have not been tempted to try a cheaper lead just to save a few pennies. I have looked at but not tried other makes so can’t comment on their quality. I’m just sticking to what I know 🙂

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