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Kong chew toy for dogs review – Suggestions and problem-solving tips — 6 Comments

  1. Our Kate (border collie) loves to chase balls and loves squeaky toys.

    I may have missed it, but is there a squeaky Kong? I know that if our Kate was able to get some food and still have the noise, she would love it. 

    I appreciate all the information and insights about the Kong chew toy.  We are always on the lookout for new things that Kate will like and enjoy.

    • I had to smile 🙂 That’s a brilliant idea! A squeaky Kong.

      However, as far as I know, there is not a Kong that squeaks. As the purpose of a Kong is to stuff it with treats, I’m not sure where a squeaker would go. Perhaps somewhere in the surrounding body.

      The Kong company does make a squeaky toy, though, so perhaps Kate would enjoy it after her dinner 🙂

      Kong Squeezz Ball


  2. To be honest I didn’t know much about “kong toys” although I have heard of them, but I am looking for a good chew toy for my Pitbull.

    In my opinion the chewing behaviour lf my dog is very aggressive. He destroys every single toy that I give him. I will follow your advice and I will buy the “kong extreme”. I hope my dog enjoys it

    Thanks for the information

    • If your dog only destroys the toys you give him, that’s a bonus. At least he’s not eating the furniture. Hopefully.

      Excessive chewing behaviour can have several causes. It may be a habit he got into when a puppy and never grew out of. There again, some dogs simply like chewing 🙂 But if you think this is a problem, you might want to visit your vet or a dog behaviourist. There are solutions to most doggy problems although they usually require a little work and effort.

      The Kong Etreme is made of very tough rubber but it’s not indestructible.

      However, the main pourpose of the Kong is to give your dog a challenge as he extracts the treats and stuffing from inside. If he continues chewing it after emptying it, you should remove it from him.

      You might want to take a look at this – How to stop a dog from chewing his bed – which includes tips on preventing general chewing, too.


  3. Not only was this article highly informative, Ian, but it was tremendous fun to read as well. You have a great sense of doggy-humor, and what a great gravestone you will have! haha 

    I have to hang my head in shame, though, as I have never gotten my dog a Kong. Mainly because I’ve always been concerned about chewed-off pieces being ingested and causing my dog stomach problems. Is this something you’ve ever encountered?

    I can only conclude this is the reason it is suggested that dogs not be left to their own devices with a Kong. And as long as that good advice of yours is followed, I might just find that a Kong delights my dog to no end.

    You have certainly provided enough resources to help this human choose the best Kong for her dog and provide the most enjoyable stuffings for it as well (I had no idea there was so much information available about Kongs…wow!). My little guy thanks you immensely, I’m quite sure. 😉

    • Hi Cheri – thanks for your flattering comments, although I already have my gravestone marked out. It’s going to read – “Gone to meet his dogs”.

      Ah… 🙂

      You must, must, must get your fdog a Kong! They are fun and versatile. Your dog will love getting treats and stuffing out of it. It provides challenge and food at the same time. A little like making me run a marathon while eating a pizza 🙂 Well, maybe not quite…

      As with ANYTHING a dog chews – even beds – there is a risk that some of it will break off. All my dogs have had rubber bones and rubber balls. All have chewed them and all have broken off bits of the rubber. I’m sure some probably swallowed bits. If your dog is an aggressive chewer you will need to monitor them and remove the Kong when they have eaten all the stuffing. There is the super tough Kong EXtreme if you have an aggressive chewer.

      Murphy used to leave his Kong when it was empty so see what your dog does. Many owners give their dog a stuffed Kong when they have to leave the house and it’s a great distraction which can help prevent boredom and separation anxiety.

      Try a Kong. Your dog will love you even more than he does already!


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