Satellite Dog Chew – Do You Recognise This Dog Chew Toy?

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The super Satellite dog chew

Satellite Chew ToyThis is – or was – Murphy‘s favourite dog chew toy. He chewed it so much that it stopped doing what it was supposed to do and went in the bin.

Satellite Chew ToyI have not been able to find another one so I’m writing about it here to ask if anyone knows what it is and, more importantly, where to get one.

Satellite from Planet Dog?Murphy - On your marks...

It lasted literally years and to the best of my recollection it was called something like Satellite From Planet Dog.

There is a Planet Dog website but it doesn’t show up there.

Of course, it may have been called something totally different like UFO or Satellite from Dog Planet or Flying Saucer or Big Heavy Dog Chew with Spiky Holes.

I find it difficult to believe that it’s no longer in production because it was absolutely brilliant!

The triangular dog chew secretMurphy - Ready...

Let me explain how it works.

Apologies for the photos but they’re all I have of it before it got binned. I didn’t think I’d be putting out an appeal to see if anyone could track it down.

It’s made of very heavy-duty rubber, much like a Kong, and roughly flying saucer-shaped.

The genius is that it has 6 or 8 holes (blame my failing memory) around the middle but instead of the insides of the holes being smooth, they had triangle-like protuberances designed to grip any treat you put inside.

Making your MarkieMurphy - Steady...

Now, whether by chance or design, these holes were perfect for holding Markies. Not the mini ones but the original ones. You pushed them in and the triangles held them tightly.

Murphy was never a chewer in the sense of chewing up clothes and furniture, but give him a toy and he’d have a go.

Plush, soft and squeaky toys (usually given by well-meaning friends and relatives) tended to last only minutes. After we watched Murphy extract the squeaker, we distracted him in order to move it to safe place – the bin.

But the Satellite was made of sterner stuff. As the objects of interest were in holes that, for the most part, Murphy was unable get his teeth on either side of, he couldn’t chew bits off it as he could with many other toys.

Murphy never gives upMurphy - Chew!

But never one to let a treat goes to waste, Murphy would chew at it for hours – without doing it much significant damage. His general tactic was to nibble at the small area of exposed Markie until it came through the hole.

Of course, in time, he did manage to chew bits off it here and there. The triangles proved particularly difficult but, one by one, they disappeared and the holes lost their ability to firmly hold a Markie.

Two years later…

It did take a couple of years, though, which has to be something of a record for a chew toy and for Murphy in particular.

He never lost interest in it – there were treats inside! The Markies became easier and easier to get out so he probably thought all his hard work had paid off. Bless.

But, the challenge had gone. The Satellite had served its purpose and when none of the holes were tight enough to hold a Markie, it went to the big dog toy repository in the sky.

And I have been unable to find another one.

If you have actually had one, if you know what it’s called or know who makes them or where to buy one, please, please let me know in the Comments below.

If you’re a manufacturer reading this and want a toy that absolutely will stand up to heavy chewing, please, please make it. I’ll be your first buyer!

Happy chews!

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