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Should dogs eat ice cream? – What are the alternatives? — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for this very informative article. My dog is 14 years old and never had ice cream to my knowledge until yesterday.

    My daughter gave him some. I objected but she said dogs love ice cream. And he did! I felt guilty for depriving him of such a treat.

    I was thinking about giving him ice cream as a regular treat. Thankfully, your article has informed me. Buddy hasn’t been eating ice cream and he won’t be. I don’t want to start any bad habits.

    If my daughter wants to give him ice cream; I’ll let her know she can buy doggy ice cream or use the DIY recipe. (She’ll be very surprised to learn ice cream is bad for dogs.)

    Thanks again for the info.

    • Hi Susan – thank you for telling us about Buddy!

      I think the take away from this article is that a little ice cream is probably not going to do a dog any harm but can you be 100% sure? As mentioned in the article, it is probably okay PROVIDING your dog isn’t suffering from obesity, diabetes, doesn’t have an allergy and isn’t lactose intolerant. We would hope not.

      Of course dogs love ice cream – it’s yummy! 🙂 – but as there are so many healthy alternatives, do you really want to risk it?

      And, yes, bad habits are so easy to fall into. Dogs and humans 🙂

      Hope Buddy enjoys his healthy ice cream alternatives!

  2. This was an informative and well-written article.

    I have had several dogs and always been of the mind that dogs (or cats) should never be fed “people” food as their digestive tracts are different than ours. With that said, who can resist giving a small morsel of food to the puppy under the table? LOL!  

    Although I knew about the dangers of giving dogs chocolate, I didn’t realize the extent of problems giving ice cream to dogs could cause. Also, I had no idea dogs could be lactose intolerant. I learned a great deal from this article.

    I’m going to adopt a small dog soon and will remember about not feeding him harmful food.

    • Hey Susanne – thanks for your comment.

      Back in the day, many dogs lived off table scraps although I suspect food in general was far healthier than it is today! There are many reasons why we shouldn’t give our dogs human food, from high fat and sugar content to potentially harmful ingrediats and allergies. It doesn’t make sense to take the risk, especially when there are lots of yummy doggy alternatives around.

      After dogs are weaned they often don’t tolerate milk or dairy very well (some tolerate it better than others, it’s not a hard and fast rule) and may be sick and have diarrhea. Again, it doesn’t make sense to take the risk. I know many trainers use cheese as a treat and dogs love it, but a dog who is particularly sensitive to dairy will suffer. There are alternatives. Just like us, each dog can have a different favourite food.

      Goof luck with your new dog and thank you for adpoting 🙂

  3. I never actually thought about giving my dogs ice cream on purpose. Some times things (like fruity ice cream) fall and before they hit the ground someone has already eaten them 🙂

    I am certain that chocolate is lethal to dogs so we are all very careful with that one, but it is interesting to know that dogs can be lactose intolerant and that ice cream makes them fat too – just like us!

    I am actually shocked to know that Xylitol is bad for dogs! I will definitely be on the lookout for this so thanks.

    Can dogs eat other fruits? Then i could chill some and we can eat that together so they don’t feel left out. What do you think about that idea?

    I will also be trying the peanut butter, banana recipe!

    • Hi Rento – Ha! Ha! Yes, all my dogs have kept an eye on us when we’re eating – everything from ice cream and loollies to cakes and biscuits. Our crumbs rarely hit the floor either! 🙂 We used to call them our doggy vacuum cleaner! 🙂

      A lot of human food is high it fat and sugar and, yes, they have the same effect on dogs as they do on us! 🙂 And, of course, they are yummy – that’s why we eat so much of tthem! – but we don’t have to inflict our unhealthy eating habits on our dogs ? They will be just as happy with a healthy treat as a cream cake. Honest!

      Yes, watch out for Xylitol, although you shouldn’t find it in any dog-dafe products 🙂

      Frozen fruitsicles is a great idea for your dog. There is a lot of fruit that they can eat, but also a lot that isn’t so good for them. Rather than give you a list, I’ll point you to this article which has all the bases covered: Fruit and veggies for pets.

      But for most dogs, you can’t go wrong with (Xylitol-free) peanut butter and banana 🙂

  4. I never thought dairy products as being bad for my dog, so when I first read your article I thought you were wrong about ice cream. I know chocolate is dangerous for dogs but never considered dairy products. Ice cream is a no no for my dog now.

    About home made ice cream, my dog loves avocado. Do you know of a recipe that incorporates it of course with some bananas?

    • Hi Anita – there are so many human foods that are either toxic or ‘not good’ for dogs, that it’s far easier and safer to feed them dog-friendly foods 🙂 Which includes dog ice cream. The Kennel Club does suggest that the odd (vanilla) scoop probably won’t do any harm but why take the risk?

      There are lots of great home-made dog ice cream recipes out there. You can’t go wrong, for most dogs, with Xylitol-free peanut butter and bananas, but each dog, like humans, will have a favourite food.

      Some dogs do love avocados but they do present potential poroblems. Check out these two arricles:

      Avocados and pets

      The TRUTH About Avocados – Are They Bad For Dogs?

      Hope they help.

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