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Tech For Dogs – Do We Need It? — 4 Comments

  1. The best tech for dogs, I believe, is the invisible fence. That’s really a great invention. When you have a dog who’s often wandering, you can give it a special collar that first gives a small shock, and then a slightly harder one, when it strays too far from the base. Really convenient when you are living on a farm, so any dog can have a lot of freedom.

    Why not make use of technology for your pets? I like the technical option to talk to them remotely. Some dogs do have behavior problems when the boss is out!


    • Hi Loes – we could combine your two ideas and create a fence which alerted the owner to the dog’s whereabouts and allowed them to talk to them to bring them back within range 🙂

      Well, I thought tit was a funny idea!

      But contrary to your opinion, I am not at all in any way shape or form in favour of the collars you mention. In fact the UK government has announced plans to ban them – so ocassionally they do get something right! 🙂 I suspect you may be from the USA where animal welfare doesn’t usually figure so highly (which is not to say that Americans don’t love or care for animals) – we Brits just love our animals 🙂 – and although you say it could be useful on a farm, it doesn’t sound as if you live on one. But I could be wrong 🙂

      Apart from such collars being cruel and unnecessary, how does a dog know they’re getting punished beccause they strayed beyond bounds? It would take a lot of trial and error on their behalf and they may end up going in the wrong direction! As a trainign device they’re as useful as a chocolate teaspot and at best can only produce a frightened and feaful dog.

      If you’re going to get a dog at least take the time to train him properly with care and kindness. As with many things, that approach produces much better results and the rewards are far, far greater.

      Ooooh, that was a mini rant! 🙂


  2. As I was reading your post, I was glancing over at my part black lab, part dauschaund puppy Max. He is a little stinker who loves to tease the cat! Maybe there’s a tech gadget he could use to tease the cat better? 🙂

    I think a tracking device or electronic fencing might be a smart move for him because now that he is getting a bit older and braver (5 months old now), he is starting to do the “big dog” thing and wander out to the road and the edges of our property. 

    What do you think about or know about electronic fencing? Does it work? Does it hurt the animal? I sure wouldn’t want him to get hurt, but I also don’t want him to get run over by a car, either!

    Tech for dogs – if I had to live without my cell phone, I’m not so sure I could do that and I think using technology to help our dogs is a wonderful odea.

    I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Karin – thank you for your commnets. Max sounds absolutely brilliant! From the sound of it, I don’t think he needs any technological help in teasing the cat 🙂 I do hope they start to get on, although I know some cats are very stroppy when a new puppy comes to the house.

      I think I expressed my vy views on electric fencing (I do hope you meant ‘invisible fencing) in my reply to Loes a little earlier. If your property is open to the road then you need to keep your dog out of it. Simple. If you can securely fence it off, great!

      A tracker is useful if you want to know where your dog is, or if you lose him, say in a wood, and he doesn’t do recall. It could tell you if he wanders out of bounds but it won’t stop him wandering – neither will an invisible fence! Sometimes we just have to adapt our surroundings and routine to make sure our dogs are comfortable and safe.

      Just as our tech, like phones, is there to help us, so dog tech should help our dogs – and much helps us, too, into the bargain. The FitBark, is a perfect example, and I am also a fan of the Flexi leash which combines freedom with control.

      But for all the benefiots of doggy tech, you still can’t beat bonding with your dog which should be the first goal of any dog owner.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      The very best to you and Max (and the cat!),

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