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Where should my dog sleep at night? – We explore all the options — 6 Comments

  1. Ian, I just finished reading your post and found it very interesting. I’m actually surprised so many dog owners allow their dogs in the bed with them.

    For myself, our Giant Schnauzer – 4 years old – Sleeps on his own bed alongside our bed. Mostly because he is not always as clean as I would like him to be. He loves his walks and brings in dirt, leaves, burrs and sometimes he swims in the nearby lake and basically smells like a “wet dog”. So he is not allowed on any of our furniture – he weights over 120 pounds also so the floor is best for him. He has two beds in our house. One by the bed in the master bedroom and another in the living room.

    He does sleep a lot, just like your article says. He also loves when my husband gets on the floor to cuddle and play with him. Unfortunately, I’m in a wheelchair so I have to cuddle with him standing by me. I love the images you use in the article and the links you have to other posts and articles.

    I did wonder that you didn’t mention crating a dog when house training him. Without the crate, I’m not sure we would ever have gotten our Boaz housebroken. He actually loved his crate and would never use the potty in it. It was a safe place for him when things got oo loud in our house. Now that he is older he sleeps mostly in his bed by the master bed and loves it.

    I loved your post and how much information you provided – thank you. -Shirley

    • Hi Shirley – thanks for stopping by and reading the article.

      I admit, I was also totally amazed by how many people let their dog sleep ON the bed nevermind IN it! but at least I know I’m not the odd one out 🙂

      Boaz sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe you’d find this interesting, too: Cleaning a Dog 🙂 I actually like the smell of wet dog. Well, some of them!

      Crate training – ah, this is a divisive issue. It’s very popular in America, almost unknown in Oz and growing in popularity in the UK (as an American import, I believe 🙂 ).

      It was a deliberate omission because I’m not massively in favour. I guess like anything there’s the opportunity for misuse and I can imagine, sadly, many owners see it as an easy way to ‘keep the dog out of mischief’ and as a form of punishment. If it’s used responsibly, as I’m sure you did, fine, but I don’t want to encourage its use.

      None of my dogs had a crate. Friends who recently got Jasper, the Doberman, found him trying to sleep in the washing machine and I believe the breeder kept the pups in cages. My friends aren’t using one and so far, so good… 🙂

      Thanks for looking in and sharing your dog’s sleeping habits, and all the best to you and Boaz.

  2. Hi Ian,
    Very good article, and am also surprised at how many owners let their dogs sleep on the bed with them.
    My dogs always slept in their own doggie bed or blanket on the floor, and seemed very happy with that.
    Thanks for your informative post.

    • Ha! Ha! Thanks, Wayne.
      I’m sure your dogs are very happy in their own bed. All my dogs, apart from Wesley, seemed to gravitate towards the bed, whether I was in it or not! Their own beds were warm and snuglly but perhaps human beds are even more comfortable 🙂

  3. I believe wherever your dog feels most comfortable sleeping is best. My girlfriend has a little jack-russel terrier. That thing has slept with her for a whole seven years, but it’s also comfortable sleeping on the ground sometimes, as we’re the ones that wake it up in the middle of the night! You’d think it’d be the opposite but that dog is so small, it just gets kind of pushed around under the covers.

    I definitely wouldn’t want a dog sleeping in my bed if it practically lives outside, our dog is an inside dog. As long as it’s kept clean, I really don’t believe you could contract any disease. Fleas can be a real problem, I say just wash them like once a week.

    I once knew this family who had a ton of cats and dogs, they all ran in and outside of the house, place was a wreck, hair, dust, dirt, every carpet was stained. Please don’t live like these people! Somethings you just can’t unsmell or unsee,ya know?

    • Hi Nate – if everyone’s happy, that’s the main thing. It’s easier to share a bed with a smaller dog for obvious reasons. Imagine what it’s like sleeping with a Bernese Mountain Dog! ? Actually, it’s great if you have the room – they’re just like big Teddy Bears! ?

      Yes, it’s important that dogs are kept clean for their own sake and their owners. You do need to watch out for signs of fleas. Dogs can pick them up anywhere – from animals on country walks and also from contact with other infected pets. It’s important to check them regulalry and treat them promptly.

      I know people with lots of cats but not many with more than four dogs. But no matter how many pets you have, you still have to look after them. Quantity is no excuse for neglect!

      Thanks for reading and good luck to you, your girlfriend and Jack!

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